Thursday, 19 July 2012

Keeping on keeping on

Tonight I should have been running 5 miles, with 4 of them at an 8:41 pace but I've switched the plan about a bit to allow for Friday at the Tara Kinder 10k, so instead I did my second easy run of the week, 3 miles at a 10m10s pace.

I've come to the conclusion that try as I might I can't actually run at 10:10 for any extended period of time, it really messes with my stride and I end up doing a strange kind of shuffle where I move my legs a lot but don't quite move forward enough, oddly this is actually harder than going slightly faster. I reckon I'll end up sticking around 9:50 on the slow runs from now on.

Another thing I've realised is that I've really lost weight since I stepped the training up and I'm sure it's not helping my recovery, I really need to start thinking about my diet a bit more, and making sure I'm actually eating enough, which probably needs to include eating breakfast!

Anyway from here I've got a rest day then it's what will now be the weeks fast run. Hopefully I'll get in those scheduled 4 x 8:41's and still have something left in the tank to finish on a decent enough time. I'm a bit nervous about it though, I really don't feel that quick.  I hope it isn't raining.

Today's easy run.

Total Distance 3.09mi
Duration 29:57 (Spilt times: 9.46, 9.25, 9.56)
Avg Pace 9:42

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