Thursday, 26 July 2012


In hindsight I think I over did my run on Sunday, I should have ignored the plan and rested more after the race.  Going for a run on Tuesday turned out to be a bad idea too - the times were ok, but the further I went the more it hurt, and all through today I've had stabbing pains in my buttock, hip and thigh, even just walking around.

This week was supposed to be my easy recovery week, 4 lots of 4 miles at a 10 minute pace, nothing fast, no long runs.  I'm probably going to be doing some sitting down instead, at least for the next day or two.

I'm already thinking about using the hour I win back to enjoy some decent meals, it'll be nice not to end up shoveling whatever food is quick and easy into my face really late at night.

Clouds, silver linings, and all that.

Total Distance 4.19mi
Duration 40:44 - (Spilt times: 09:53, 09:56, 09:25, 09:33, 01:57)
Avg Pace 9:42

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