Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sometimes you're losing

Tuesday, and a 4 mile easy run on the plan.  This should have been simple, but it wasn't. I think it all started to go wrong with me skipping lunch, then I made it worse by eating around 7PM and thinking I could run just fine an hour later. I did the run, but started out too fast, covering the first mile in an 8:43 and not the steady 10:10 I'm supposed to do for easy runs.  It was around that point my full stomach decided to make itself known, along with a case of stitch, my legs also wanted to remind me I'd done 9 miles a couple of days before, and felt like lead.

Feeling a bit defeated at the protests I slowed down to the pace I should have been doing, I refused to stop and ran the remaining 3 miles with stitch and the feeling I was about to be sick for most of the way round. In terms of numbers the next 3 miles were still pretty much on plan, and whilst I'm sure it's supposed to be character building having days like this at the time it just felt a bit rubbish really.

Hopefully it's a blip. The half marathon training is going OK, I've accepted that I need to go slow and work on distance more than speed. Then there's the part of me that remembers I also signed up to run the Tara Kinder 10K this Friday... That part still wants to go out and beat the 53:05 PB I got in my first 10K last year, that part is also responsible for me running with shin splints, and the 12 weeks I was told to take off running... I guess that part might have to get used to not getting its way.

Total Distance 4.2mi
Duration 40:13
Avg Pace 9:35

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