Monday, 13 August 2012

Not exactly a marathon

After last weeks record mileage everything hurt. My hip pain had been getting progressively worse, not to the point of stopping movement, but bad enough that each step made me wince.  Not a good sign really, my calves also weren't far behind, so time for a break... Six days of not running, right in the middle of my training.

I actually enjoyed the time off, it's quite surprising how much time running seems to have stolen from my usual routines in the week, especially when trying to fit in a run after work but before evening meals... Then again, the Olympics somehow has managed to steal all that time, and more... It's been a great couple of weeks.

By Sunday the long run had come round, and I decided I'd had enough rest , I'd run early and get back in time to see the start of the Olympic Men's Marathon... 9 miles was order of the day.

The marathon started at 11, I hit the road at 9:35, nothing like a looming deadline for motivation.  I decided on roughly the same 9 mile route as the week before, but with a few less twists and turns.

Things I learned:

- After 6 days off I can't run at the steady pace the plan tells me I'm supposed to, at least to begin with, I go too fast.
- Taking a few days out from the plan doesn't make running again harder, but after a few miles it doesn't make it easier either.
- Music really makes a difference to the speed I run at, miles 3 and 4 were at Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream pace, but I wasn't actually aware I'd gone a lot faster.. (I really need to get around to making some running play lists - I'm goiing to pretend my slow miles might be down to the wrong music).
- After about 5 miles my hip started to hurt again, but I can still ignore it and just get on with doing the miles without it getting loads worse.

9.5 miles in 85 minutes was bad planning.. but thankfully I only missed the start of the Marathon by a couple of minutes. I'd love to be able to run even half as well as those athletes can, seeing Stephen Kiprotich make 26 miles look almost effortless is something I can't even begin to fathom.

Overall I'm happy, I ran further than I have in one go before, and still as fast as my fastest 9 miles was, plus my legs are a bit more rested than they were.  Now just to work out what I'm doing that makes my hip hurt, I've a feeling it's down to me unconsciously rotating my right foot outwards slightly as the distance creeps up, something I can get away with on my old 3 mile runs... but not now I'm up to 9's. I've another run tomorrow so I'll pay attention to keeping my toes forward and see what happens...

Total Distance 9.56mi
Duration 1:28:59 - (Spilt times: 9:24, 9:19, 8:59, 8:25, 9:48, 10:10, 9:30, 9:24, 9:55, 4:04* )
Avg Pace 9:24 min/mi
*half  mile

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