Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Stop.... Carry On.

Well, the running continues, it's not been so great over the past few days, and I've not really felt like updating the blog.

For starters I missed my mid-week run out completely last week, and I cut the following one down to two miles just to test how my legs were recovering. I came to the conclusion 2 miles was about my limit, it was perhaps my hardest run ever. Everything still hurt.

By Saturday it was time to have another go, my hip had been giving me some grief, and the occasional stab of pain whenever it twisted, but walking around was ok again and the rest of my legs didn't feel too bad.  The plan said I had 4 miles at just below 10 minute miles... 

The early part was fine, but as the distance progressed so did the lingering hip and thigh pain, thoughts of turning round and going home filled my mind. I'm stubborn though, so rather than just giving up I tried to experiment and ended up changing my running style completely, running entirely on my forefoot and barely letting my heel touch the ground. It felt a bit unnatural but took the impacts out out of my hip, and thighs (at the expense of my calf muscles admittedly)... "Be a gazelle, and not a rhinoceros" - I told myself (normally the further I go the more stompy I get). No idea where that idea came from, and it's probably nonsense, but I made it round, so that's got to be a good thing. In total I did 5 miles at the right pace, but the grand total for the whole week was still only 11, half what I'd run the week before.

I think I'm at that weird stage of training at the moment, my body still hasn't fully worked out what it needs to mend, or how quickly, so I'm carrying silly little injuries and every run just seems to take a bit more out of me.  The strange thing is I can still sprint with no problem or pain.. It's the slow 'easy' runs that hurt.

Last night I had to do 3 miles at just under 10 minute mile pace. I'm still worn out, my legs hurt, and  I had to resort to my normal slightly stompy rhinoceros approach, topped off with an added helping of wincing quite a lot. Thankfully rhinoceroses are also stubborn, so far stubborn is just about enough...

Tonight I'm supposed to do 7 miles, with three of them at a sub 8 minute pace. I think this might be the toughest run yet, but as Yoda put it... "Do, or not do. There is no try."

(Update: Checked the plan and I got it wrong.. Tomorrow is my 7 mile run. I really have never been so relieved it's a rest day.)

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