Friday, 24 August 2012

The continuing saga of.. Week 8

So, I'm late at updating, but it's allowed. I'm on holiday this week and trying to avoid computers.

Anyway, a quick update on last week's running...

Thursday I ran 4 miles at a 9:12 pace, then with slightly more tired legs I did it all over again on Friday, but at a 9:23 pace. Nothing much else to say about them really, other than 4 miles really doesn't seem like a big run any more. I was fairly happy to get back to normal, I'd still got a few aches and pains as expected, but the limp didn't come back, my hip sort of worked OK with only a minor protest every now and again, and whilst I took it carefully, overall I felt quite positive about running which was a welcome change.

Sunday was a bit new, a whole 10 miles. I've never run 10 miles before, in my mind it's been a something  of a mental barrier too, could I really run that far?

I've got to admit I procrastinated all morning, by the time I was actually ready to go it was already warming up to be a really hot afternoon, and at least in the mid 20's - I'm good at picking the hottest part of the day to run.. it's a skill.  I'd planned out a route that mostly got the hills out of the way on the first half of the run with the halfway point being the cricket pavilion in Darley Park, pretty much five miles away.  The route I picked also meant the first half of my run was nearly all uphill... "Luxury!" as they (probably) say in Yorkshire.

So, retracing my steps, I set out at a steady pace uphill along Stenson Road, then carried on uphill along Warwick Avenue to the crossroads, pausing only to be heckled by a cheeky young lad telling me to run faster, then deciding I was mad after I said I'd about 9 miles left to go... At the top of the hill I paused at the crossroads, the traffic was against me so I took a breather and stopped my watch...  Te lights changed and I made a dash for it, then things got a bit easier, I was running down Manor Road, I hate running up that hill so much, but running down it is actually great - it's made me think I might have to try my regular 10k route back to front one of these days..

By the time I got to Sainsbury's I realised I probably should have restarted my watch when I'd started running again, swore at myself, then hit the button. Too late to do anything about it now so I carried on along Kingsway and Queensway towards the next hill.. Broadway.

Hills are hard work, but I think having them on my training routes is probably a good thing, that way I get used to running something a bit harder than I'm likely to in the race. They're also tricky to avoid around here really. By the time I'd got to the top of Broadway I imagine I looked a proper wreck, it was definitely hard work, so a big gulp of my ever depleting drink and I pushed on towards Darley Park, where to my surprise the carefully planned route was blocked as the Cancer Research Race for Life was being run there on Sunday.  Oops!

Now there's no way on earth I'd pass for a woman in a pink tutu, so discretion being the better part of valour, I hung a left, ran down into the village, and entered the park by the Abbey Inn entrance instead, taking the path around the back of the cricket pavilion and along the river. After a couple of minutes I actually found myself running alongside the finish straight for the race I'd just avoided - I'd probably done about 10K by then, and really wished that was actually my finish line.

Onwards, and past the rowing club I went, now heading back towards town along the river, my legs started to ache at this point and I'd got up to nearer seven miles, I knew I'd make it and allowed myself a slow mile as I kept on going towards Midland Road with only 2 gulps left in my drink bottle.. From there it was a bit of a zigzag route from Railway Terrace, round the back of Post Office, and then down Derby's shortest road (Osbourne Street) which can't be much more than 30 feet long! Finally the drink ran out as I took a twisty path across Peartree down roads I don't know the name of, and dodging wheelie bins.  I just kind of slipped into auto-pilot (or dehydration) at that point, and the next thing I remember I was back at Stenson road again jogging downhill at a steady pace.

Running 10 miles is hard work, but I'd done it, and not broken myself in the process.. Next, on to week 9.

Total Distance 10.65 mi
Duration 1:40:48   - (Spilt times:  10:00, 9:45, 9:30 (at a guess), 9:05, 8:01, 9:01 ,9:03, 10:31,9:56, 9:51, 6:05* )
Avg Pace 9:27 min/mi

* 0.65 miles

Total Weeks mileage: 26

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