Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The week that was.

Last week didn’t really go completely to plan.. I've not really had the time to blog about it until now, so here's a quick catch up.

I had a meeting in Warwick, got stuck in traffic on the way there, then the car developed a fault..

Once I'd figured out I wouldn't be getting to the office on time to get a slice of toast in the canteen, I bit the bullet and decided a tactical Sausage McMuffin was the order of the day.  Some meetings, 2 cups coffee and a packet of mini cheddars later I finally managed to escape, I'd not managed lunch and it was 8PM before I got home. By that time running wasn’t all that high on my to do list. Not least because the plan said I needed to do seven miles, and 3 of them needed to be below 8 minutes. No chance.

I decided I'd just go out and run the fast bit of the day's miles, first mile's warm-up seemed harder than usual then I really went for a fast one as I'd not manage the full distance.  About half a mile in and I was below a 7 minute mile, but felt awful as I pushed on.. eventually slowing back down to a 7:23 pace.

My watch beeped to say the mile of hell was over, I collapsed on the grass, and tried desperately not to be sick, for about 5 minutes. Eventually I got back up, and still feeling rough started walking back in the direction of home. After a mile I managed to run again, but at a more sensible almost 8 minute pace.

Total Distance 3mi
Duration 25:08 - (Spilt times: 9:50, 7:23, 7:55)
Avg Pace 8:23 min/mi

So, by Friday I was 4 miles behind the plan, and had 3 more miles to run for that day.  And, I had no spare time thanks to plans to go and watch The Dark Night Rises that evening.. Watching a film is  much more important than running, obviously..  Thanks to fate I still managed to fit 3 miles in though, jogging a few miles to go and collect my car in the middle of the afternoon. Following Thursday's events it had been into the garage for an investigation to find out what expensive things have gone 'phut'! Looks like I'm now without a car 'til at least Wednesday, when it might get mended..

Total Distance 2.9mi
Duration 26:03 - (Spilt times: 7:55, 9:23, 8:43)
Avg Pace 8:58 min/mi


Saturday should have been a rest day, but I decided that as I'd missed lots of miles last week I was going to get my full mileage done this week.  Nothing much to write home about, did the 4 miles all on the right pace, but my right hip and left calf were definitely hurting afterwards.

Later that evening my friend Matt popped round for a cuppa and noticed I was limping quite a bit,  I really didn't think it was all that bad, and had put it down to a slight ache.  Decided I'd see how things were the following day, and if I hurt then I wouldn't run, but I'm useless at working out if something is just an ache, or actually an injury until it gets worse.

Total Distance: 4.21 mi
Duration: 41:33
Avg Pace: 9:52 min/mi


Sunday I ached, my hip was really tight and a bit painful, especially when I twisted it going around corners. I wasn't going to run at all and settled in and watched the Olympic women's marathon, whilst drinking copious amounts of tea. Despite my hip hurting,  as the race unfolded I started to change my mind and decided that completing the weeks mileage was actually something I needed to do. I figured if I got much worse I'd know about it, and could always walk home. On the other hand I might get better by loosening things up a little.

Well, I didn't get better, but I also didn't seem much worse at the end of the run. I'd also managed to somehow shave a little bit of time off the route compared to a couple of weeks ago, and run an almost negative split over the last few miles so I'm classing that as good progress.  The best part is I seem to have got my keeping hydrated on a long run routine sorted - a gulp every half mile seems to do the trick without me ending up a mess.

Total Distance: 9.01 mi
Duration: 1:24:45.7 (Spilt times: 9:49, 9:48, 9:49, 9:46, 8:50, 9:47*, 9:25, 8:43, 8:24)
Avg Pace:     9:24 min/mi

*up Manor Road hill (my nemesis)

So, that was my week - I'd managed a bit over 22 miles, and done 4 days running in a row without rest days. The most distance I've ever run in a single week before. Not perfect, but it still felt like an achievement.

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