Monday, 27 August 2012

Week 9

So, 9 weeks into training and for week 9 I mostly ignored the plan. That's not to say I've done no training, but after a bit of a chat on Facebook with my friend Ben who has run a lot more races than me, I came to realise I've not been doing myself any favours by pushing quite as hard as I had been, then continually battling pain with every run... Stop trying to run your race during training was basically his advice, and I think it hit the nail on the head.

So this week I slowed down, and actually I've enjoyed it.

Tuesday was just an easy run, 3 miles @9:47 pace.  My legs still ached from the weekend, but the slower pace must have done me some good, as the next day I was actually walking around with much less aching, and I felt a lot more positive than I had in recent weeks.

Thursday and again I ignored the plan, which was telling me to do 8 miles at a pace far faster than I thought I could. Instead I decided I should take my previous aches and pains into account and go back to what I know and just do some good miles. I decided I'd pick up my usual Sunday run of 6 miles but mix it up some faster and slower miles keeping most of them a bit quicker than I need to do in the race. I went faster up the hills, and slower on the flat, and ended up only being a few mins off the last 10K race pace I ran.
Duration  55:04  - (Spilt times: 8:36, 10:21, 9:01, 9:05, 10:05, 7:51)
Avg Pace 9:10 min/mi

Here I should have done a 3-4 mile run, but cycled 8 miles instead.  I think it's probably a good swap.

That left just the long run to go...

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